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A Program of The Foundation for Sustainable Development (Yayasan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan)

Starting in 2004, LEAD Indonesia, a program of Yayasan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (the Foundation for Sustainable Development, or YPB) has expanded its undertakings to go beyond the LEAD Associate Training, which has always been the thrust of its existence. This new undertaking is concerned with developing partnerships with other institutions to carry out various programs in response to national and local needs.

Since 1992, YPB, a not-for-profit organization, has carried out the vision promoted by LEAD International in initiating changes for a deeper understanding and more active participation in sustainable development. The program, conducted jointly with many countries and coordinated by LEAD International, established a capacity building program through the training of mid-career professionals for leadership in sustainable development. Leadership for sustainable development is the capacity to view development in a comprehensive and holistic framework to ensure that development is economically viable, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable.

Conserving Coral Reefs for Community Ownership and Enterprise Project (CCRCOE)
23 May 2006 10:01:35

LEAD Indonesia�s program in Buleleng District, Bali, Conserving Reefs for Community Ownership and Enterprise (CCOE), is a collaborative effort with Marine Aquarium Council (MAC), Reef Check, and Conservation and Community Investment Forum. The program, supported by Darwin Initiative, will run for three years since the year 2005. Objective of the program is to make the ornamental fish trade business in the area sustainable by conserving marine habitat and by trading profitable for the fishermen community. After attending a series of training, in November 2005 as many as 138 ornamental fish fishermen in Buleleng district, Bali have received certification, as "certified collectors," for their compliance with the Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) Standard in fishing practice and fish handling (Collection, Fishing and Handling Core Standard). In addition, there are 5 exporters awarded by MAC as "certified exporters" for their compliance with the standards of buying, pre-export handling and transportation of ornamental fish to international trading market (The Handling, Husbandry and Transport).


Promoting Leadership for Integrated Development (PLID) Training
23 May 2006 09:50:44

Ford Foundation has supported YPB for its PLID training program (Promoting Leadership for Integrated Development) targeted for decision makers at district level. Objective of the training is to equip participants with the understanding of sustainable development, public service-oriented leadership, and case studies pertaining to policies that include either the success or the failure. Training materials are comprised of modules of knowledge and skills, supplemented by the policy-related case studies. As many as 25 case studies of various issues from different areas in Indonesia have been documented, complemented by teaching notes for the trainers.


Management: New Organizational Structure and Staff Assessment
17 May 2006 10:26:37

Throughout the time the workload has increased within the organization as new programs emerge. Adaptation to the organizational structure is needed to ensure that the right person will work at his/her best capacity to encounter the new challenges.

Below is the new organizational chart that is based more on teamwork spirit than hierarchical. It is expected that with the new organizational structure the organization will work more effectively.


Book Discussion
16 May 2006 13:49:40

The Forum of BDN 235 Book Discussion is once again holding a book discussion at YPB/LEAD Indonesia office in West Cilandak on Friday, 19 Mei 2006. The discussion forum is open for anybody interested. Unlike the previous one, this informal forum discusses two books at the same time. The two books are "Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive" (2005) by Jared Diamond and "Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause" (2004), by Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee.


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